SILVER Privy seal of Solomon


Privy seal of Solomon

Solomon was known for his wisdom. This ancient talisman contains a secret code to protect and prevent its owner from negative influences and problems.

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In the mid 1800s., seven ancient manuscripts were discovered in the depths of the British Museum. Some believe that these writings are the actual words of a Master Magician King Solomon.

Solomon, who reigned as King of Israel 1000 years BC, was known for his wisdom. According to legend, he has acquired great reputation as a master magician, with power over all spirits.

Privy seal of Solomon is considered as a symbol of protection.

Amulet will Protect''media by all the negative influences and evil spirits.

These incredibly beautiful Amulets are handmade with built-in ancient symbols, combining wisdom, magic and mystery.

Convenient to carry a key ring or pendant.

Amulet has a diameter of 29 mm. and weighs about 19 grams.

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SILVER Privy seal of Solomon

SILVER Privy seal of Solomon

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