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Price: 4.90лв.

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Price: 4.90лв.

Price: 4.90лв.

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25 Mar 2011

Medieval amulet for money


Medieval amulet for money

This Medieval magic amulet helps specheleneto money. Ancient symbols interwoven into it are used for millennia to secure wealth.

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Powerful magic amulet since medieval times to ensure wealth. This symbol is used for millennia.

The structure consists of four defensive intersections - the four cardinal points. Inside them is a powerful symbol AGLA, tray are the first letters of the Latin words' You are strong Forever God.

These symbols are combined to ensure the success of its holder and money!

These incredibly beautiful Amulets are handmade with built-in ancient symbols, combining wisdom, magic and mystery.

Convenient to carry a key ring or pendant.

Amulet has a diameter of 28 mm. and weighs about 16 grams.

by богомил иванов, 29 Aug 2018

много скъп продукт нищто не струва

by Larissa, 21 Jul 2012

I see, I supopse that would have to be the case.

by Ivan, 03 Mar 2011

Истински амулет. Донесе ми много късмет и пари!

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