Amulet Star God


Serves to solve the constellations, secret signs and codes.

Helps working with sensitive or confidential information.

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The star is surrounded by the celestial sign writing. This scripture is derived from the constellations, and the secret alphabet is still used in high degrees of Masons. This kind of magical alphabet is used for transmitting sensitive or confidential information as a cryptogram.

It is said that powerful wizards of the Middle Ages developed this system of cryptography to hide the secrets of the human soul!

Central star in this Celtic design is performed by the hexagram of Solomon and six star Magic Way. Six is also sex number. Hexagram is a favorite symbol of the Greek goddess of love Aphrodite.

Star of God is full of ancient magic and mystery and we filled with admiration.

These incredibly beautiful Amulets are handmade with built-in ancient symbols, combining wisdom, magic and mystery.

Convenient to carry a key ring or pendant.

Amulet has a diameter of 29 mm. and weighs about 10 grams.

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Amulet Star God

Amulet Star God

Price: 45.00лв.